Sorry this will be a long review…. I am very thankful for Dr. Bindrup. I went to him for a breast augmentation in January. I am now about 3 months out. I have carried 8 children and sadly my breast looked haggered from it. I am very thankful for what my body has been able to achieve but of course as a female I wanted to feel female again. I had looked at many doctors and I’ve been researching since I had my first child 18 years ago. Many of the doctors seemed great but I wasn’t feeling comfortable in one way or another and honestly I couldn’t even put my finger to why I felt wrong about them. A few months ago I had decided on a doctor but I kept hearing Bindrups name so I decided to call him. He didn’t have an consultation appointment for 2 months (I would gladly wait to see him now that I know) but I got on a cancellation list. On a Thursday a few days later I decided I would use a different doctor but Bindrups office called me the next day because they had a cancelation and I was able to come in a couple days later so I waited to see how I felt about Bindrup before making my final decision. When I went in I instantly felt comfort. Bindrup came and got me out of the waiting room and took me into his office to explain the whole procedure. He made sure I understood and felt comfortable before taking me into another room to undress. I feel that he cares a lot about his patients comfort and wants first and foremost. I realized that’s what was missing from most the other doctors I had seen.
When I thought about what I wanted I knew what I wanted visually but I had no idea what that meant in CC numbers or Letter cup size. I love that Bindrup did not tell me what CCs we were trying on it was all based of visual and what I wanted to look like. I had always thought I’d never go above 400ccs because I thought over that I’d look porn star and I’d never be able to see my toes again: lol. I had no idea what my body needed and I’m so thankful I didn’t base it off a number or letter. I had also been told by half and half doctors that I would need a lift and Bindrup told me I didn’t. I was nervous but 3 months later I know I didn’t and I’m thankful that he was knowlagable enough to know that i’d be waisting my money and I know he wasn’t taking my money for something I really didn’t need. During the healing process he was very comforting and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my results. I love feeling better in my late 30’s then my 20 year old me. I no longer cry trying on Clothes or looking in the mirror. My inner bad ass has come out and after sacrificing so much for the best kids in the world it’s so nice to finally take care of myself and feel better then ever. Thank you Dr. Bindrup for being so great and taking such good care of me