What To Expect

What to Expect in a Consultation With Dr. Bindrup

When you arrive for your consultation, you will first sign in and fill out paperwork in our cozy waiting area. Dr. Bindrup will then take you into his office to introduce himself, get to know you better, and review the procedure(s) you want to discuss at that time. Next, you will proceed to one of our exam rooms where you will meet one or more of our medical staff members. They will take some photos for your chart, and then Dr. Bindrup will step in and perform an examination. Following that, you will meet with our office manager where she will go over pricing/payment options with you. She will give you a price quote as well as a copy of the consultation sheet from your initial exam. If you’re interested in available surgery dates, she will go over scheduling options with you. If you decide to reserve a surgery date, you may put down a non-refundable deposit, or you can call back to schedule whenever you’re ready. Before and after pictures are also available for you to view at your consultation, upon request.